The mission of the Drumright Fire Department Training Division is to assure that all members of the Drumright Fire Department possess the necessary skills and abilities to safely and effectively deal with any situation they might encounter as a team.  This responsibility begins the day new firefighters are hired and continues throughout their careers to retirement.  To accomplish this, we developed a training plan as a comprehensive all-hazards approach that complies with federal, state and local regulations as well as the needs of Drumright Fire Department personnel.  This design will allow personnel to increase their abilities in all disciplines, which will increase the overall capabilities of the organization and increase the level of service to the citizens and visitors of Drumright.  The plan is designed to be specific, yet allow for the flexibility to take advantage of unforeseen training opportunities, or to address urgent department needs. Our training goals serve to ensure the Drumright Fire Department continues to be the premier all-hazards fire department in the State of Oklahoma.  
Since 2000, Drumright firefighters have logged over 2088 hours of fire suppression, firefighter survival, technical rescue, hazardous materials/weapons of mass destruction response, emergency medicine, incident command and public relations training.  The training division is coordinated by Jason Dobson.
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